Welcome to the Michigan Clean Boats, Clean Waters Resources page. Here you will find useful links to other sources of information about aquatic invasive species and other Hero organizations who are championing in the fight against aquatic invasive species (AIS). While you are away visiting these other great places, please remember to come back here for more great information and materials.

1. How to join the fight and become a Volunteer Hero in Michigan

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2. Michigan Clean Boats, Clean Waters Program Guides

♦  2016 MI Clean Boats, Clean Waters Volunteer Handbook
♦  2016 MI Clean Boats, Clean Waters Volunteer Hero Guide
♦  2016 MI Clean Boats, Clean Waters Boaters Guide

3. Aquatic Invasive Species Identification Guides

♦  A Michigan Boaters Guide to Selected Invasive Aquatic Plants
♦  A Citizens Guide to the Identification, Mapping and
Management of Common Rooted Aquatic Plants of Michigan

♦  Midwest Invasive Species Information Network

4. Videos demonstrating cleaning your boat

Volunteers in Action
Clean Boat Clean Water, Boat Inspection Methods

5. State agencies that champion against the spread of AIS

♦  MI Dept. of Environmental Quality Aquatic Invasive Species
♦  Michigan Department of Natural Resources Invasive Species
♦  Michigan Sea Grant

6. Federal  agencies that champion against the spread of AIS

♦  NOAA Great Lakes Aquatic Non-indigenous Species Information System
♦  U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Inland Lakes
♦  National Invasive Species Council Aquatic Nuisance Species
Task Force

♦  Protect Your Waters: Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers

7. Partnering Institutions that champion against the spread of AIS

♦  Michigan Lake & Stream Associations: Aquatic Invasive Species
♦  Michigan State University Extension Natural Resources

Join The Fight

Clean Drain Dry

Volunteer heroes play a crucial role in protecting Michigan’s water resources by educating boaters about invasive species found on their recreational watercraft by showing boaters how to inspect their boats, trailers and gear for invasive species, then demonstrate the removal process.

If you care about Michigan’s waters and your lakes and streams, like to meet new people, want to stay informed, and are able to keep accurate records, then you may be just the hero we are looking for.

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